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HockeyShot Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice


Take home-ice advantage to a whole new level with HockeyShot's Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice, the closest surface to real ice on the market.

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Used by several professional teams and organizations including:


With over 20 years of development behind it, HockeyShot's Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice makes residential and commercial at-home training more practical, more affordable and way more realistic.

Designed for basement, garage, outdoor or applications where leveling is more of a challenge.

Available in 3 different thicknesses: 3/8" (residential use only), 1/2" (residential and commercial use) and 3/4" (residential and commercial use).

Quick installation. Self-lubricating agent makes your rink usable in all conditions with no need for wax or add-on liquids.

Synthetic Ice Panel Features

Our Interlocking Dovetail panels significantly outperform traditional spline and square-edge styles.

Built with VHMW-PE (Very High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) for better performance and durability.

Best coefficient levels of friction on the market (10%-15% greater than real ice)perfect for training and exercise purposes.

Actions speak louder than words. Find out why this is the #1 selling synthetic ice on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice last?

At normal residential usage, you should get about 7-10 years on each side (each Extreme Glide panel is reversible for skating on both sides). For commercial usage like hockey training facilities, you will typically get 5-7 years on each side.

What maintenance is there and how do you clean Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice?

Maintaining your Extreme Glide synthetic ice is very easy. Simply sweep the surface with a damp mop to keep your product looking like new. This is explained in the instructions included with your order.

Can Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice be installed outdoors?

Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice is perfect for outdoors; all you need is a flat well maintained surface. Great outdoor areas to install include the backyard, patio or park. For outdoor installations, we recommend covering your surface with a tarp when it is not being used to protect the synthetic ice panels from dirt, dust, pollen, sap from trees, bird droppings, as well as leaves. When leaves become wet they will leach colors and stain any surface they come in contact with.

Is Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice hard to skate on?

Some brands of synthetic ice can be hard to skate on and require lots of messy liquids for consistent usage. Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice has the lowest co-efficient of friction properties in comparison to any other synthetic ice product available on the market. Extreme Glide is quick and easy to adjust to; most skaters acclimate within minutes. Our ice has been thoroughly tested and we currently have many happy users globally. Our panels only have 10-15% more friction than real Ice and are perfect for training and exercise purposes. The little extra friction you get with our ice gives you great exercise and will help you get more speed when you get back on the ice.

Can I use my ice skates on Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice or do I need special equipment?

Extreme Glide was designed for use with regular hockey & figure skates and we assure you that our ice will not damage your blades. Any figure, hockey or rental skate works perfectly on Extreme Glide.

Some problems reported in hockey forums regarding synthetic ice is the dust and flakes produced. Does this apply to Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice?

There will be some dust and flaking produced just like real ice but not very much. With our Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice, since there are no greasy liquids, you can easily sweep or vacuum your surface.

Do I need to apply lubricants to the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice like other products out there?

We have a special lubricating additive embedded in the plastic during the manufacturing process which makes the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice self-lubricating for the entire lifespan of the product. You do not need to add any wax or add any messy surface liquids to enhance performance.

Should a felt/cloth/ or plastic sheet be laid down on the floor before putting down the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice panels?

Except for full size commercial surfaces, you don’t have to lay anything underneath the panels. Most don’t put anything however you can put our optional rubber underlay to protect the back side of your surface and reduce some of the sound when skating, but it is really not necessary.

Will sunlight or water affect Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice?

No, our synthetic ice has UV protection to protect it from sunlight. Water doesn’t affect our ice; it can withstand rain, snow or sleet.

Where can Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice be installed?

Extreme Glide can be installed on most stable and flat surfaces, such as your basement, garage or patio. We do not recommend installing on carpeted surfaces; however, our 1/2" or 3/4" thick ice can be installed over a very low/tight hard piled carpet.

Can anybody skate on your Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice?

Yes! Extreme Glide is perfect for all hockey players, including forwards, defenseman and goalies, ranging from minor to professional levels! Figure skates can also be used but with caution. If the skater is practicing any moves with aggressive use of the toe pick, it may damage the surface. Traditional skating and stride practice and spins are very much encouraged though as they do not require the toe pick.

Can I have my Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice panels custom cut?

The panels can be cut to customize your desired skating surface with a table saw or skillsaw, preferably with a blade with a higher tooth count (however not necessary). If only a notch is needed because of a beam or pipe in your surface area, you can notch with a jigsaw using a coarse blade. We recommend you leave a ½” gap from the ice surface to your walls around the perimeter for expansion of the ice when temperature and/or humidity changes. Because this task is relatively simple for customers to handle on their own, HockeyShot typically does not offer the service. However, please contact us for a special quote if you require this service and we can guide you through the installation. Our panels’ connections are also designed so you can make a wide variety of configurations without complicated cutting.

Will cold or warm weather affect Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice?

No, our synthetic ice is not affected by cold or warm temperatures. Our dovetail connection is the best connection for varying temperatures and humidity.

How hard is it to install Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice?

It is very easy to install your Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice. An area of approximately 15' x 30' should only take about 1 hour of installation. A complete instructional brochure on the installation process is included with your order.

What is the best method to cut the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice panels if one wants to cut a couple of inches off one side or make a notch for a pipe in the way?

You can cut the panels with a table saw or skill saw, preferably using a blade with a higher tooth count. If only a notch is needed, you can notch with a jigsaw using a coarse blade. 

Can you do all types of skating on Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice?

Any skill performed on ice can be performed and perfected on the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice, including hard stops and backwards skating. Whether you’re a hockey player, figure skater or recreational skater, our synthetic ice is perfect for you!

Can I use Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice in temperatures above and below freezing?

Developed for indoor and outdoor use, our synthetic ice can be enjoyed year-round and in all temperatures. Extreme Glide panels are UV protected and stress relieved. They will not degrade in sunlight or warp / deteriorate as temperature increases or decreases.

Are there installation instructions with the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice?

Yes, each synthetic ice order comes with detailed instructions including a layout for proper panel positioning.

Can goalies use the HS Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice?

Yes, goalies can use HS Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice, but we recommend goalie pad sleeves for sliding back and forth in the net. The sleeves will also help protect the pad leather from greater friction.

Customer Reviews

Average 95% (43 Reviews)

Matt Stevens
11 May 2017

This stuff is awesome. No additives so not messy. Easy installation. Need to skate technically correct or it's not forgiving but it is great to be on skates. Not for recreational use but for a high end training aid it is as good as you can get. I would say on average it is being used 30 minutes a day with or without skates. It is not cheap but you do get what you pay for.

Jason B
25 Nov 2016

My son 9 years old love's his synthetic ice. He will skate or play in his socks on it for hours at a time. 12+ hours on the ice in the basement first 2 days I had it setup. Being a men's league player I use the ice for cardio 45 minutes everyday. You have to work harder than real ice. There is no gliding around like ice. My nephew who is 6 and a very weak skater on real ice actually was able to skate on the synthetic ice a lot easier. It requires a little bit less balance which helps beginners...

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03 April 2016

Awesome!!! We love the synthetic ice and are on it every day. I am already seeing big improvements in my son's game. Highly recommended.

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Synthetic Ice Pricing & Configurations

4' x 8' Panels
1/2" Thick
4' x 4' Panels
3/8" Thick
18" x 18" Skatable
Revolution Tiles
Flooring Tiles*
8' x 20' $1,781.55 $1,473.40 $1,080.00 $815.00
12' x 16' $2,080.08 $1,705.68 $1,295.50 $975.50
12' x 24' $3,120.12 $2,516.94 $1,850.00 $1,400.50
20' x 20' $4,246.84 $3,308.00 $2,435.00 $1,855.50
16' x 32' $5,158.40 $4,049.28 $2,945.50 $2,265.50
20' x 40' $7,713.75 $6,240.00 $4,600.00 $3,535.00
Buy Now! *Non-Skatable Tiles

Looking for a Cheaper Alternative?

Revolution Tiles are the next best thing if you're looking to build a home skating rink!


  • Easier and more affordable to ship than larger traditional Synthetic Ice panels.
  • Patented symmetrical tiles clip together in any direction.
  • New and improved formula offers slick and smooth skating & puck handling experience.
  • 10% greater friction than frozen ice means its perfect for resistance training.
  • UV protected and weather resistant to withstand outdoor cold and heat.
  • Improved construction and lightweight, flexible design better accommodates uneven terrain.
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“I wish I would have had access to HS Synthetic Ice when I was a kid aspiring to be an NHL player. Their Synthetic Ice is the best I’ve ever skated on, and it allows me to train at home during the summer. Their training aids are now an essential part of my off-ice training. Join the HS revolution, I did!"

Jordan Staal /Pro Hockey Player, Carolina Hurricanes

“Hockeyshot has given me the ability to mimic on ice training with their off ice training products. Their Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice, Extreme Passer Pro & Goal with Backstop are amongst the best training aids I’ve come across. I believe these products will take my game to the next level!”

Dan Hamhuis /Pro Hockey Player, Vancouver Canucks

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