Stickhandling Tips

Handling the puck better than your opponents is the key to being unstoppable on the ice. Learn how to stickhandle like the pros!

There are a number of ways to properly handle the puck on and off the ice. This section will teach you everything you need to know in how to do that. Being able to STICKHANDLE WITH CONFIDENCE is an important aspect in the game of hockey, that when done right can elevate your ability to an entirely new level. Being able to STICKHANDLE PAST YOUR OPPONENTS with some flash is the ultimate way to showcase your hockey skills! In this category, a number of experts give their opinions on everything you need to know to dangle with the best of them. The ability to control the puck, continue skating with it, and then decide whether to pass or slide it in five-hole should be a part of every player’s game! Follow these instructions and you will accomplish everything you ever wanted to with the puck. Here comes MAGIC MITTS!

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